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June 16, 2024
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Poultry prices dispute. Breeders accuse retail chains

Poultry prices are rising, but farmers are getting nothing. According to Dariusz Goszczyński, general director of the National Poultry Council, it is large retail chains that increase their margins in order to earn better.

The condition of the industry is significantly influenced by avian flu. The virus decimates herds of chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys and, apart from the obvious losses related to the loss of animals, generates additional costs. – The limitations, important in stopping the avian influenza, also cause interruptions in the poultry breeding cycle and higher production costs – explains Dariusz Goszczyński, director of the KRD.

In addition, there are the costs of meat production, such as an unprecedented increase in feed prices on world markets. The price of wheat on the French MATIF exchange increased by more than 40 percent. during the year, maize by almost 28 percent. – This is not an exception, because the upward trend in the prices of feed grains is visible all over the world. Unfortunately, the cost of feed has a direct impact on the prices of poultry meat, because it accounts for about 70 percent. production costs – emphasized Goszczyński.

In addition, they affect production costs increases in electricity and gas prices. On the Polish Power Exchange, the wholesale price of electricity increased by as much as 68 per cent within 12 months, while gas on the aforementioned exchange grew by as much as several hundred per cent since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the poultry industry is facing another challenge, which is the expectations of employees regarding the level of their wages, resulting from high inflation.

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