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July 16, 2024
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Revolutionising poultry production with sustainability insights

dsm-firmenich, a leading innovator in nutrition, health, and beauty, has joined forces with Agrifirm, a prominent agricultural cooperative, to unveil an innovative joint venture aimed at revolutionising poultry production 

This collaborative effort introduces a groundbreaking platform that integrates dsm-firmenich’s acclaimed life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, Sustell, with Agrifirm’s PoultryNEXT, a data platform offering insights into poultry production performance.The imperative for more sustainable food systems has become increasingly apparent, with food companies and retailers committing to emissions reduction targets. However, achieving these ambitious goals remains challenging due to the vast size and complexity of supply chains. Recognising the pivotal role of farmers and the feed industry in realising these objectives, dsm-firmenich and Agrifirm assert that a significant portion of emissions and opportunities for improvement lie within their control.

Sustell, dsm-firmenich’s LCA platform, is hailed for its advanced environmental footprinting capabilities and expertise in sustainability, animal production, and nutrition. By amalgamating specific feed and farm data in a scalable manner and maintaining third-party ISO certification, Sustell empowers users to accurately monitor their environmental footprint comprehensively. This understanding enables stakeholders to pinpoint areas for improvement, facilitating downstream value chains in meeting emissions commitments and targets.

Complementing this, Agrifirm’s PoultryNEXT harnesses performance tools and expert knowledge in flock management, animal production, and nutrition. Through the capture of farm-specific data and leveraging nutritional expertise, PoultryNEXT provides precise insights that enhance responsible production performance.

Through their partnership, dsm-firmenich and Agrifirm will initiate a high-feasibility pilot program with Agrifirm partner farms. This initiative will utilise PoultryNEXT alongside sustainability insights from Sustell, granting farmers access to invaluable sustainability insights to support responsible production performance. The platform promises enhanced transparency across the supply chain, offering a comprehensive overview of the product journey from feed to farm to retail shelf.

David Nickell, vice-president of sustainability & business solutions at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health, remarked,“There are genuine opportunities for improvements in efficiency, sustainability and animal health, and these are often interrelated. Connecting Sustell to Agrifirm’s industry leading PoultryNEXT is the key to unlocking the value of sustainability for Agrifirm farmers and chain partners.”

Yvonne van der Vorst, director strategic marketing and business development at Agrifirm added, “We are a cooperative of farmers on our way to build sustainable food chains for future generations. Bringing Sustell with PoultryNEXT to our farmers and chain partners we offer cutting-edge solutions for measuring and managing responsible poultry production while steering CO2 reduction. This partnership will create value for our customers and chain partners, and bring transparency to perform responsible in the poultry industry, in line with our sustainability agenda.”

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