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July 16, 2024
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Ayedatiwa takes action against food insecurity by launching a program to distribute maize to farmers.

Ondo State Governor, Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa, has launched a proactive initiative to combat the surge in food prices and ensure food security by distributing maize and other essential commodities to farmers across the state. The program, inaugurated in Akure on Monday, is designed to support poultry, piggery, and fishery farmers in all 18 local government areas.

Governor Ayedatiwa stressed the critical need to address the nation’s food security challenges, utilizing approximately 40 trailers of grains provided by the federal government. He highlighted the formation of a committee on Agriculture and Food Security to swiftly implement measures to tackle the crisis.

“This program marks the beginning of a series of actions aimed at making our state impervious to food insecurity, coupled with significant modern agricultural interventions to elevate our status among states,” Governor Ayedatiwa stated. He underscored the impact of the recent subsidy removal on petrol, which exacerbated inflation on food items, making life difficult for the populace. The government’s resolve, he asserted, is to combat this trend and ensure food availability and affordability for all.

Governor Ayedatiwa emphasized the importance of ensuring both availability and affordability of food, especially in light of rising inflation exacerbated by the petrol subsidy removal. He outlined infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing market access and empowering smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth.

Recognizing Ondo State’s substantial contribution to the nation’s agricultural sector, especially in tomato supply, Governor Ayedatiwa announced plans for further distribution of various food commodities in the future. He expressed gratitude to the federal government, led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for approving the distribution of grains and other essential commodities nationwide.

Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food Security, Rotimi Wemimo Akinsola, praised the governor’s dedication to the people’s welfare and urged farmers to effectively utilize the distributed agricultural commodities to help lower food prices. He envisioned Ondo State becoming a leading agricultural hub and pledged to promptly address farmers’ challenges.

The event also included the presentation of an award to Governor Ayedatiwa by the Ondo State Agricultural Commodities Association (OSACA), recognizing his efforts in advancing agriculture and food security in the state.

The governor’s prioritization of distributing essential agricultural inputs demonstrates a proactive approach to tackling the urgent issue of rising food prices and ensuring food security. This initiative not only provides immediate assistance to farmers but also lays the groundwork for sustainable agricultural practices that can enhance long-term food production and availability.

The establishment of a committee on Agriculture and Food Security underscores the government’s commitment to implementing timely measures to address food insecurity. Governor Ayedatiwa’s recognition of the urgency of the situation and concrete steps to tackle it signals his administration’s responsiveness to the people’s needs and readiness to confront challenges.

Through investments in market access and capacity-building programs, the government aims to create a conducive environment for farmers to thrive, contributing to poverty reduction and economic growth in the state. This demonstrates a forward-looking approach to agricultural development and indicates continuity in addressing food security challenges.

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