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April 14, 2024

New Holland launches T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence for model year 2025

With the launch of New Holland’s T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence, comes a track system built to delver unmatched performance, regardless of the field conditions


Showcasing a suite of best-in-class features designed to elevate performance and simplify routine maintenance, the T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence includes advanced oscillating roller wheels and vibration dampening mount suspension in the track system, contributing to elevated ride quality and preventing uneven wear during field-to-field transportation.

Mastering the terrain

In order to ensure ease of daily mainenance, clear track system hubcaps have been integrated, providing straightforward access to critical components. The new track system for the T9 tractor eliminates manual adjustments with its automatic track tensioning system, thereby streamlining maintenance and optimising tension. This update can significantly lengthen the lifespan of the track belt.

Available for agricultural use on five model year 2025 T9 models namely, T9.520, T9.580, T9.615, T9.655 and T9.700, ranging from 475–645 rated hp, the SmartTrax system ensures performance in a variety of terrains while enhancing overall operational performance and preserving the integrity of the field environment.

Speed and maneuverability

Coupling access to a range of different high horsepower T9 models and an increase in top vehicle speed for optimal efficiency, operators will see a remarkable improvement in road speed, now up to 25 mph, thus ensuring quicker and more efficient field-to-field transportation that help keep every piece of the operation moving. Offering flexibility for various applications, the T9 SmartTrax has multiple track belt options available, including 30 in and 36 in width choices along with three different belt brand options.

Other noteworthy advancements include a 47% increase in fuel capacity for model year 2025 T9 SmartTrax tractors, along with a 455 gallon fuel capacity contributing to extended run time and reduction in refuelling stops. Another feature incorporated into the design of the T9 SmartTrax is swinging cab entry steps that automatically pivot as the tractor is articulated, thus allowing for easier entry and exit from the cab. Moreover, the T9 SmartTrax includes up to five-year warranty on select belts, supporting customers throughout their ownership lifespan.

“The T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence reflects our legacy for pushing boundaries,” explained Ken Paul, product marketing manager, high horsepower tractors for New Holland. “It is more than an enhanced track system. It is a commitment to farmers built on the basis of innovation, efficiency, capability and versatility.”

Attendees at the National Farm Machinery Show that is currently taking place from 14-17 February in Louisville, Kentucky, will get a first glimpse of the new T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence, while also getting the opportunity to engage with product specialists. The T9 SmartTrax will be available for model year 2025 with order placements beginning summer 2024 at local New Holland dealerships.

For more information, visit: agriculture.newholland.com

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