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April 14, 2024
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The company reaches 14% production increase despite the challenges of the current

The difficulties and new actual challenges due to the expansion of coronavirus
have not been able to overcome The Looije SL Producers Organization that has
closed the year 2020 with a 14% turn over growth.
The agricultural company from Águilas (Murcia, Spain) is specialized in
marketing of cherry tomatoes and has maintained its progressive line during the
last 5 years.

“We are proud to see that our work and determined commitment to quality and
innovation is now rewarded by consumers,” said Juan José López, CEO of O.P.
Looije, regarding the improvements that high-tech investments in recent years
have brought to the entire production process. This is the case of the new Looije
Aguilas greenhouse, a project in collaboration with Novagric, company
specialized in the industrial development of integrated projects for high-yield
sustainable agriculture, where the performance of these technological
greenhouses facilities has resulted in a significant increase in productivity.
The greenhouse installed by Novagric for the company Looije is fully
technologically equipped for cherry tomato production. It is a turn-key project
with an area of 51,280 m2 with double ¼ cenital and perimeter ventilation,
designed to optimize the maximum solar radiation inlet. To do this, possible
obstacles to the passage of light have been minimized with other techniques
that ensure stability and the arches of the greenhouse have been white lacquered with a higher opening to optimize the inlet of solar radiation. The irrigation system used is hydroponic with gutters suspended from the greenhouse structure itself.

Novagric is committed to the technological, sustainable and cost-effective
development of agriculture, and for this purpose has expanded its facilities to
offer the best service to agricultural organizations and have a great response
capacity to take on all kinds of national and international projects.

«Thanks to the new innovation and showroom center installed in Alhama (Murcia,
Spain) allows us to test all new technological developments to ensure
effectiveness in crop profitability and productivity. » explains Juan Pardo, head
of the technical department of NOVAGRIC. «These are the main reasons why
companies like Looije bet on developing the project with us obtaining great
results, together with our great competitive advantages, which is to offer a
complete project from design, manufacture, assembly, installation to agronomic
advice to make everything easier for our customers. »

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