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March 1, 2024
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Mabon Targets 5000 Hectares Irrigation Water Supply

Mabon Limited, an indigenous Nigerian  conglomerate with operations in energy and petroleum services has disclosed a plan to increase irrigation water supply from the current 3000 hectares to 5000 hectares.

The company also said its working to improve its contribution to national grid operation by providing black start operation where necessary.

The managing director of Mabon Ltd, Richard Madubunyi made these disclosures at the commissioning of the 40 MW Dadin Kowa Hydroelectric Power Plant located in Gombe State.

According to him, power remains critical to the quality of life, social and economic advancement of Nigerians as it plays a critical role in the sustainability and growth of small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

He said Mabon is delighted to be able to contribute its quota through the electricity generated by the Dadin Kowa hydroelectric power plant which will provide electricity for several communities’ needs, improve their standard of living and create new opportunities for growth and development.

He said, “The completion of the Dadin Kowa Hydropower is a testament to the power of collaboration. It took a great deal of effort and resources from different stakeholders to ensure the success of this project.

Thus far the power plant has contributed 401 Gigawatts of power to the National Grid. This is despite the challenges that are normally associated with the operations of a new Power Plant, bearing in mind the technical, and regulatory challenges”.

“Mabon is currently working to increase our Irrigation Water supply from 3000 Hectares to 5000 Hectares, we are also planning to improve our contribution to the National Grid by providing Black Start Operation where necessary.

We aim to generate even more power for the people and industries in Nigeria. We will also continue to contribute power to the national grid with an annual total generation capacity of 240,000 Megawatt hour”, he added.

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