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Namibia: Youthful Entrepreneurs Venture Into Poultry

A number of young rural farmers have turned to poultry farming in the past few years after realising the yields that could be reaped from this venture.

According to Oshikuku councillor Mathew Gabriel, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform has provided training and support in poultry farming to communities, which has resulted in increased production of poultry products in the region.

“As we speak, the shortage of poultry products in Omusati region is now a thing of the past,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel noted many households have chicken, they turned into income-generating projects.

Aina Emvula from Oshitutuma village in the Oshikuku constituency said seeing her chickens lay eggs reminds her of how the poultry industry can boost job creation and eradicate poverty if supported locally.

Emvula began with poultry farming in 2017, with egg production being her primary activity.

“Currently, I own 189 chickens that lay 101 eggs per day,” explained Emvula.

She said, with the skills acquired from different poultry training programmes, she intends to gradually increase efficiency and expand the scale of her egg production.

As someone who undertook lessons in poultry and egg production, Emvula advises that for such a business to thrive, accountability is vital.

“You must ensure that every egg laid counts! Being responsible is essential but most importantly, putting in measures that protect your investment is a lifesaver,” Emvula emphasised.

She said Namibians do make a living from the poultry industry, supporting these people so that they can thrive is vital for economic fortunes.

“Supporting local poultry farmers so that they can earn good incomes and help build a sustainable smart food system is crucial to driving economic growth and boosting shared prosperity in Namibia,” said Emvula.

She further stated, as a result, this will create more opportunities for several families that depend on jobs created by local businesses.

“I will be most excited if I get privileged to be part of the poultry industry success stories.”

Laimi Uugwanga from Oshikuku has called on unemployed youth to venture into poultry farming for egg and chicken production.

Uugwanga has shared her poultry farming experience, saying for one to succeed, a thick skin and a never-quit attitude is essential.

“I started with poultry farming four years back and my business keeps growing, however, expansion and development is difficult, as financing and investment always remains a challenge.

“I started with 200 free range birds in 2018. It has always been my goal to own something of my own. I knew if I applied myself, I could create something for myself, for my family and hopefully develop it into something that would create employment for the people in my region,” she said.

According to Uugwanga, Namibians love the taste of chicken in every form, and the current local demand has increased.

“If we produce our food, we become self-sufficient and added benefits include creating more much-needed employment as well as generating income that stays in the country,” Uugwanga said.

According to another poultry farmer from Omusati, the cost of poultry feed is a major challenge in the poultry farming industry.

He said Namibia’s poultry farming can only change for the better and become profitable if farmers venture into local production of feed.

He added that the local demand for chicken and poultry produce is high, but the local market does not have buying power.

“Let us look at producing feeds locally. Farmers should venture into producing soybeans, sunflower, yellow maize and others. Let us produce efficiently in order to sell cheaper products. Poultry is nutrition, is protein and is food,” he said.

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