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How To Invest In Meat Processing, Packaging Business

The reformation of the agriculture sector is not limited to staple crops as livestock farmers and meat dealers in Nigeria are set to smile as meat processing becomes the next development target for investors.

With a population of over 200 million people and a growth rate of 3-4 per cent, there is definitely a huge market for beef and consumption in Nigeria which gives players in the industry and investors a good playing field.

You can prepare meat in different ways for eating, either fried, roasted or dried in Suya form (barbeque). Whichever form it is prepared; beef remains a delicacy which demands can never be met.

There are people who may complain that the hygiene level of abattoirs is not good enough, as a result private are coming up.

The demand for beef is aside the fact that the demand for premium quality is in high demands by large retail stores such as SPAR, Shoprite, Ebeano among many others which prefer to buy only the processed meat. This, they say, is to ensure cleaner and easier packaging.

Some of the industries attached to these single livestock include the following mince meat processing plant, operating a cold room ,meat delivery vans, operating a ranch, operating a abattoir, bone meal processing plant, blood meal processing plant, hide and skin processing plant and horn and hoof processing plant.

Meat Processing Plant: 

There is a growing need for hygienically prepared and package beef product in Nigeria and this is basically been fueled by the growing middle class income earners in the country.

This trend is further deepen by the need for hygienically prepared and package beef by corporate consumers and used in the production of sausage rolls ,meat pies ,gala etc. Some of the corporate clients that require the product include hotels, supermarkets, Event planners, fast food eateries and multi-nationals like UAC.

Operating Cold Room Service: 

Attaching a cold room to an abattoir is a very lucrative because beefs have a limited shelf live if not properly stored and storage is usually done after the slaughtering, processing and packaging of the product from where it is sold to retail consumers who usually buy bit by bit.

The scope of the cold room should be dependent on the size of the market in question.

Meat Delivery Vans or Dispatch Bikes: 

At least in Lagos it is an offense to sell beef in unhygienic conditions and the Lagos state government pioneered the use of special vans in the transportation of beefs from the abattoir to consumers.

This created another market for savvy investors to tap into make good returns on investment .

Transportation can be intercity or intracity and we expect this is replicated in other states of the federal.

Operating a Ranch: 

Apart from a few well established cattle ranch in the country with organised management system in place, cattle rearing are mostly done by Fulani herdsmen who move from one location to another in search of water and pasture for the stock and they largely operate with less managerial ability hence get little for there effort.

There exists a large opportunities for interested investors that want to invest and run a ranch in Nigeria.

The opportunities are so great because the market for your product is guaranteed.

The investor can choice to buy from the Fulani herdsmen and sell in abattoir in Lagos, Port Harcourt,Abuja,Aba,Enugu and other city across the country.

The business can be started with an average of N 3 million and a return of N 800,000 is feasible.

Operating an Abattoir: 

About 300 hundred cows are slaughtered in Lagos abattoir on a daily basis.

Buyers of cow parts are readily available because cow meat is about the most common and readily available source of protein in Nigeria.

Operators of the abattoir depending on their financial strength decide to only provide the physical structure and only tenant to operate shops from there with their tools and pay royalties to you as agreed. That is to say a good ranch with healthy and fattened caws will have good market.

Operating a Bone and Blood Meal Processing Plant: 

Another associated business venture which the investor can decide to operate is a bone/blood meal processing plant though the latter is not common in the country.

With unemployment so high in the country most youth and retiree now prefer to engage in one form of business or the other, poultry business because of its short gestation and less electricity input requirements is one of the preferred investment destination.

Because more than 60 % of operating cost is expended on feeding, operating a bone and blood meal processing plant would greatly yield good returns on investment.

Hide and Skin Processing Plant: 

Hides and skin is by far the less utilized bye-product of cows in Nigeria because of conflicting interest.

In Nigeria, Pomo {the skin of cow after undergoing processing} is a very most loved meat and this makes the product to be scare.

There exist a very large and growing market for hide and skin in China and other parts of the world and as far as the demands for shoes, bags, belts and other such product which makes use of leather as there raw material continues to grow, the demand for hide and skin would continue to increase.

Horn and Hoof Processing Plant: 

Processing of horn and hoof in the country would certainly generate lots of funds for the investor because not many companies are into it.

Horn and hoof can be used in the production of fertilizers, buttons and so many other products.

You can contact us for a well prepared feasibility studies on this business which will help you as you invest in this business venture now or in future.

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