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March 30, 2023
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How lack of proper know-how affects poultry keepers in Tanzania

 There are factors that make poultry farmers fail to realise good results in their business even as many more keep joining.

According to poultry farmer Sarah Kulanga, who lives in Mbezi Ward on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, one of the factors is that some poultry farmers lack know-how of poultry farming, resulting in their failure in properly feeding the chickens as well as failing to administer proper vaccination.

Due to that, Kulanga and fellow poultry farmer Lusekelo Mwasota of Mbeya Region have advised the government to see how it could find a solution to the problem for the sake of the development of the poultry sector and how it could support the poultry farmers to reduce the rate of losses they get.

Kulanga says in 2018 she received training on modern poultry management from Silverlands Tanzania Company that provided her with 500 chicks and 10 bags of poultry feeds on loan.

“I received that training at their college in Iringa Region and thereafter I started undertaking poultry farming after getting a capital of Sh375,000, whereby I got 500 chicks and 10 bags of poultry feeds,” she says. She adds: “The training that I have received has enabled me to get profits and how modernly I could run poultry farming.”

She says she can earn Sh1.5 million as a profit per month because she rears her chicken by following the instructions of poultry experts.

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