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July 16, 2024
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Farmers Urged To Embrace Solar Pumps For Irrigation

Farmers in Kakamega County have been encouraged to adopt solar pumping systems to pump water for irrigation and for domestic use.

Speaking during a water pumps clinic in Kakamega, Davis & Shirtliff Branch Manager, Loice Mutua said the company is committed to participate in the food chain by ensuring farmers get the right systems to produce enough food.

“As a solution provider we want to play a part in the food chain to support production of enough food at an affordable cost so that the food that reaches the consumer is also affordable,” she noted.

She explained that food production is a chain where solution providers are also incorporated.

“We always say it is a chain, the farmer will be there to provide food to us consumers, how as a consumer am I affected since should the farmer be unable to produce enough food where will I get it,” she noted.

A drip irrigation kit at the Davis & Shirtliff shop in Kakamega town. Photo by Esther Mellab.



Apart from the solar pumps, the company is also providing drip irrigation systems and sprinkler irrigation systems for subsistence farmers.

She noted that the company aims to make life as easy as possible by providing the latest systems to farmers to be able to support themselves to provide enough food.

“So besides having to work with the old systems, get to know what else is there; how one can be able to produce more at a more efficient level at a cost-friendly pocket,” she added.

Ms Mutua noted the pump clinic was meant to repair water pumps in cases of damages or breakdown of some of the systems as well as equipping customers and service providers with knowledge.

She mentioned some of the causes of water pump failure as unstable power, poor installation, poor sizing, poor design among others.

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