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February 24, 2024
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Alternative energy solutions for sustainable agriculture

It’s prudent for the agricultural industry to consider alternative energy sources to manage the challenges relating to energy costs and supply, which affect farming businesses throughout the country. It’s vital for the industry to have steady, reliable, and cost-effective sources of energy.

Alternative energy solutions have proven to be an efficient option for the agricultural industry across South Africa, by enhancing productivity, reducing operating costs and helping farmers become more self-sufficient.

In this video Moneyweb’s Ryk van Niekerk along with guests Jaco Botha, CEO of Solareff, Kyle Durham, head of alternative energy solutions at FNB Commercial, and Dawie Maree, head of agriculture information and marketing at FNB Commercial discuss alternative energy sources for agriculture in South Africa.

This event took place on Thursday, October 7.

More on the guests:

Jaco Botha
CEO, Solareff

Botha is a professional electrical engineer who is passionate about technology that can create sustainable future possibilities. In 2010 Botha co-founded Solareff – a specialist South African-based renewable energy solutions company, with a proven track record of installing medium- to large-scale rooftop and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.

Solareff is a member of the Alviva Group of companies.

Kyle Durham
Head: alternative energy solutions, FNB Commercial

Durham is a qualified chartered accountant who has always had a deep passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and unlocking future opportunities. He joined FirstRand in 2014 as a trainee accountant to complete his articles and experienced many different areas of the bank before finding his initial home in FNB Commercial Strategic Acquisitions in 2017, gaining experience in the diverse world of deal-making, business development and commercial banking.

In 2019, he was formally asked to be the head of alternative energy solutions and more recently, Durham’s portfolio has expanded to include leading the strategy for FNB Commercial on climate change and environmental, social, and governance.

Dawie Maree
Head: agriculture information & marketing, FNB Commercial

Maree previously served as an agricultural economist and regional manager of the Milk Producers Organisation (MPO) North and MPO Eastern Cape. During this time, he wrote various articles for the Daily Mail and presented general and dairy economic conditions to producers. In 2008 he attended the International Farm Comparison Network in Kiel, Germany as representative of the MPO.

Maree joined FNB Agriculture in 2015 as head: information and marketing. In his current role, he often shares insights on the current and future state of agriculture in South Africa with various audiences. Maree represents FNB Agriculture on various forums such as Agbiz (Agricultural Business Chamber). He also provides expert inputs for internal bank committees in order for them to make informed decisions regarding the agricultural industry.

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