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July 16, 2024
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Prevention is better than cure

Many stressors emerge throughout the life of a production animal: weaning, grouping, heat and cold stress all tax the immune system and increase the animal’s susceptibility to disease. You have seen it before – the first symptoms may occur two days after exposure to stress and the number of cases can rise dramatically within as little as two weeks. Hence, maintaining a healthy respiratory function during these periods is the key to economic success in production. Anta®Fresh can help you with this. Although it cannot compensate for management issues, it strengthens the animals’ immune system and airways, and increases their overall resilience.

There is healing power in plants

We know this from the many teas, cough drops and cough syrups: essential oils from thyme and rosemary have probably helped most of us overcome respiratory troubles at least once. And because we learnt this from the pharmaceutical industry, you can now reap the benefits with the powerful plant-based product Anta®Fresh.

Anta®Fresh effectively stimulates receptors in the digestive tract, thereby promoting mucus secretion in the lungs. This improves the immune function and ensures that mucus is expectorated more easily. This reduces the risk of recurrent respiratory infections, noticeably relieving the animal’s organism.

Anta®Fresh helps save money

Since Anta®Fresh is a valuable tool in preventing respiratory trouble, there is less need for a cure. Practical experience shows that more than 50% of treatment costs can be saved by using Anta®Fresh in a timely manner.





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