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June 16, 2024

Liberia: Ministry of Agriculture Supplies Farmers With Modern Equipment to Boost Production

The Ministry of Agriculture over the weekend distributed several farming equipment to over 350 local Farmers in the country. The equipment are intended to ease the many constrains local farmers go through to invest in the soil.

The equipment will also help them transition to a more modern form of farming include: landa super, butachlor, plant-D, glyphosate termitester, imidacloprid, granite, Mancostar, samaclo, fertilizer, rain boots amongst other.

Speaking at the program, the Deputy Agriculture Minister, Robert Fagans told the farmers that it is the government way of providing the requisite types of equipment intended to boost production capabilities.

According to the Minister, government has decided to elevate farmers from the traditional farming methods to a more mechanized process.

Said Minister Fagans, “We are bringing state of the art equipment which are fortified. We have de-turner, it will be able to put the rice one side and the rock one side.” Minister Fagans revealed that the equipment will help boost harvest and curtail the bad farming experiences farmers continue to experience.

“We want to support the initiative of processors and producers of rice. We want you to understand that these equipment are to be used for a specific purposes. If you are given a rice processing machine, it is intended to be used for such purpose. Let it be used for processing rice and give value to the rice that you are processing. This year, we are doing our best to provide equipment for these farmers and we want to complement their efforts.”

He said, for the sector to get on track and produce more food, farmers who have received the equipment should work with other local farmers.

“Those of you who will receive, you have to work very hard because there are small holders around you who cannot afford to maintain the machine. Support them, let them provide rice around you and support the meal.”

Also speaking, the Assistant Director for Sector Coordination Peter D. Gbawoguiya, warned farmers to use the equipment appropriately in order to avoid damage.

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