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March 1, 2024

Joskin: The Modulo2 slurry tanker

The Modulo2 slurry tanker is a vehicle with self-supporting structure. Available in single-axle version from 2,500 to 11,000 l and double-axle version from 8,400 to 20,000 l, it is the bestseller in the range of JOSKIN slurry tankers.

Several thousand Modulo2s are in use throughout the world and have been providing a quality service for decades. The secret of its success undoubtedly lies in adaptability: the buyer can indeed design the tanker according to his/her wishes using industrialised modules (pump system, filling arm, etc.).

As standard, the Modulo2 tankers are equipped with an “exact” scatterer that directs the slurry down to the ground on a spreading width up to +/- 10 m. They are also standard fitted with a “V-shaped” open drawbar housing the pump system to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels.

These tankers have a sturdy and light design with a low centre of gravity for an outstanding weight/maneuverability ratio.

Furthermore, they can be equipped with spreading implements. JOSKIN offers a solution for injection in meadows and arable lands or for spreading with booms. This technique ensures:

  • an efficient and cost-effective injection;
  • an increase in the profitability of your land;
  • a limitation, depending on the climatic conditions, of the ammoniacal nitrogen losses by volatilisation: 20 to 100% losses with conventional spreading (exact scatterer) and no more than 15% losses with injection;
  • a reduction in the inconvenience caused by odours;
  • a reduction in your purchases of chemical fertilisers.

Do you want to find out more? Click here: https://www.joskin.com/en/slurry-tankers/modulo2

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